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Thinking of another degree?


This article is completely off-topic for me (if you have not noticed my niche is architecture) but I feel like it is really important because I have been getting so many questions about the process and experience of studying outside Nigeria. I am hoping that I am able to keep this to one article but […]

Architecture is… (I)


The past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster for me, I recently finished grad school and I’ve been job hunting. For many people, job hunting is probably quite straightforward, but for me, it has been a long winding journey. This mostly because being a “jack of many trades” there are many […]

Can Flexible Architecture Solve Housing Problems in Nigeria? (4)

After a long and treacherous journey, I have come to the end of my rant about affordable housing for my home city, Lagos. In this final part, I will discuss one final idea although not in-depth. This article will discuss floating architecture. Floating architecture isn’t a new concept in Nigeria. From the shanty houses in […]

Can Flexible Architecture Solve Housing Problems in Nigeria? (3)

In the penultimate article in this series, I would be writing about Adaptable architecture. Architecture designed for adaptation accepts that the future is not finite and that change is inevitable. According to Schmidt III and Austin (2016), adaptability is defined as a combination of some essential characteristics: the ability of a building to accommodate changes […]

Can Flexible Architecture Solve Housing Problems in Nigeria? (2)

This post is a continuation of the previous one on the adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings in Nigeria. In this article, I would be continuing the discourse on flexible architecture with a focus on movable architecture. Movable architecture can be defined as buildings specifically designed to move from place to place so that they can […]

Can Flexible Architecture Solve Housing Problems in Nigeria (1)

In 2016, the Commissioner for Housing, Mr. Gbolahan Lawal, said the state had a deficit of 2.5 million houses which is 14.7% of national deficit (This Day Newspaper, 2017). From these figures, it can be concluded that an urgent intervention is needed in the housing sector. It is perhaps expedient to step out and look […]